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Performance powerful magnets have?

        Powerful magnets, NdFeB magnet means. Compared to ferrite magnets, alnico, magnetic samarium cobalt can greatly exceed several other magnets, NdFeB magnets can absorb 640 times its own weight of weight, so often lay NdFeB It is known as a powerful magnet.
        Strong performance magnet
        Technology is a powerful magnet magnet after saturation magnetization is reversed when the magnetization, the magnetic flux density required to reverse the magnetic field strength is reduced to zero the value of the coercive force is called magnetic induction (Hcb). But this time the magnetization of the magnet is not zero, the magnetization reverse effect is only applied magnetic field and the magnet cancel each other out. (External magnetic induction performance is zero) to withdraw at this time if the external magnetic field, the magnet still has a certain magnetic properties. NdFeB coercivity generally 11000Oe more.
        A magnet in the closed environment is the external magnetic field after technical saturation magnetization to revoke the external magnetic field, the magnetic induction of the magnet performance at this time we call residual magnetism. It represents the maximum value of the magnetic flux can provide. Visible from the demagnetization curve, which corresponds to the case of the air gap is zero, so the actual magnetic flux density magnetic circuit is less than the residual magnetism. NdFeB is Br highest practical permanent magnet material ever found.
        Powerful magnets so that the magnetization of the magnet field strength required is reduced to zero reverse applied, which we call the intrinsic coercivity. Intrinsic coercivity magnet is a physical measure of anti-demagnetization, if the applied magnetic field equal to the intrinsic coercivity of the magnet, the magnets will be basically eliminated. NdFeB Hcj will decrease as the temperature rises when it is necessary to work in a high temperature environment should choose a high Hcj grades.
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