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Magnet constituent elements and what are the features?

        Magnets component is iron, cobalt, nickel and other atoms, and its internal structure of the atom is rather special, itself has a magnetic moment. Magnet Type: Shape class Magnet: Magnet block, tile-shaped magnets, shaped magnets, cylindrical magnet, ring magnets, disc magnets, magnetic magnets, magnetic frame magnet magnet properties: samarium cobalt magnets, NdFeB magnets, ferrite magnets, alnico magnets, iron-chromium-cobalt magnets, industry magnet: magnetic components, motor magnets, rubber magnets, powerful magnets, plastic magnetic, and so kind. Permanent magnets and soft magnet points, plus the permanent magnet is magnetic, so that the electron spin angular momentum of a magnetic material arranged in a fixed direction, it is plus current soft (also a plus magnetic method), and other current remove soft magnetic iron will slowly lose.
A magnet capable of generating a magnetic field, a ferromagnetic substance having interesting such as iron, nickel, cobalt and other metal features.
       The midpoint of the bar magnet with string hanging up, when stationary, its ends will each point to the Global South and the North, called the finger pointing towards the north end of the North Pole or N-pole, pointing to the south end of the guide pole or S pole.
If the thought of a big magnet Earth, the Earth's magnetic north pole is a guide, it refers to the geomagnetic North Pole South Pole. Between the magnet and the magnet, repelling poles of the same name, synonym magnetic pole attracting. So, compass and Antarctic repulsion, compass and Arctic mutually exclusive, but compass and compass attract the phase.
        Category: magnets can be divided into "permanent magnet" and "non-permanent magnet." The permanent magnet may be a natural product, also known as natural magnet to be manufactured by hand. Non-permanent magnets, such as magnet, only under certain conditions to appear magnetic.
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