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Magnetic widely used in what ways do you know?

     Vibration sensor
    Magnetic-electric sensors are used to measure vibration. Wherein the inertial sensor does not require a stationary base as a reference, it is directly mounted on the vibrating body is measured, thereby gaining a wide range of applications in ground and airborne vibration measurement vibration monitoring system.
    Common ground vibration sensor moving iron vibration sensors, vibration speed sensor ring.
    (A) The application of vibration sensors
    Aircraft engines, a variety of large motors, air compressors, machine tools, vehicles, sleeper vibration table, chemical equipment, various water, gas pipelines, bridges, high-rise buildings, the vibration monitoring and research can be used magnetic sensors.
    (B) Work characteristic vibration sensor
    Vibration sensors are typically lumped parameter m, k, c second-order system. As inertia (absolute) type vibration sensor, asked to choose the larger mass m and a smaller spring constant k.
    Thus, at high vibration frequencies, due to the large mass inertia which is approximately stationary relative to the earth. In this case, the vibrating body (with the sensor housing) displacement y (output) relative to the mass of the vibrator can truly reflect the relative amplitude of the earth x (input).
    Magnetic-electric power generator and exciter
    As previously indicated magnetic sensors with two-way conversion characteristics, its inverse function can also be used. If the speed sensor coil input power, its output is the mechanical quantity.
    In inertial instrument - gyroscopes and accelerometers are widely used moving coil or moving iron type DC torquer is above the reverse speed sensor applications. It is very important to test the device in the dynamic mechanical structure to obtain the dynamic parameters of mechanical structures, such as resonant frequency, stiffness, damping, vibration-type vibration member like.
    In addition to these applications, magnetic sensors are also commonly used in torque, speed and other measurements.
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