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Magnetic Applications biological and medical community

        Pigeon enthusiasts know, if the pigeons fly hundreds of kilometers away, they will automatically homing. Why have such a good pigeon house ability to recognize it? It turned out that pigeons are sensitive to the earth's magnetic field, they can take advantage of changes in Earth's magnetic field to find their home. If you tied a magnet in the head pigeon pigeons would Trek. If the pigeon flew radio towers, strong electromagnetic interference can cause them to get lost.
        In medicine, the use of MRI to diagnose abnormal body tissue, to determine the disease, which is more familiar magnetic resonance imaging technology, the basic principle is as follows: the nucleus with a positive charge and spin motion. Under normal circumstances, the arrangement of atomic nuclei spin axis is erratic, but will be placed in an external magnetic field, the nuclear spin spatial orientation of the transition from disorder to order. Magnetization vector of the spin system is gradually increased from zero, when the system reaches equilibrium, the magnetization reaches a stable value. If at this time the nuclear spin system subjected to external radio frequency effects, such as a certain frequency excitation nuclei can cause resonance effects. After the RF pulse stops, has intensified nuclei spin system can not be maintained in this state, we will revert to the original arrangement of the magnetic field in the state, while the release of weak energy, become radio signals, these many signal detection, and When the spatial resolution, you get movement nuclei distribution image. MRI is characterized by the flow of the liquid does not generate a signal called flow effect blank or flow effects. Therefore vascular tubular structure is gray, and black blood is no signal. This makes soft tissue vascular easily separated. The surrounding normal cerebrospinal fluid surrounding the spinal cord, cerebrospinal fluid is black, and white fat are set off dura, spinal cord appear as white strong signal structure. MRI has been used in diagnostic imaging of the whole body system. The best is brain, and spinal cord, heart and great vessels, joints bones, soft tissue and pelvic. Cardiovascular disease not only can observe the chambers, great vessels and anatomical changes in the valve, but can be used for ventricular analysis, qualitative and semi-quantitative diagnosis, can be used for multiple cutout, high spatial resolution, show the whole picture of the heart and diseases , and its relationship with surrounding structures, better than other X-ray imaging, ultrasonography, radionuclide and CT.
        Magnetic not only diagnosis, but can help treat the disease. Magnet is blindly medicine ancient Chinese medicine. Now, people use magnetic differences in the blood to separate the different components of red blood cells and white blood cells. In addition, the magnetic interaction with the human body can achieve magnetic meridian, has a unique role in the treatment of various diseases, has magnetic pillow, magnetic belts and other applications. Magnet separator made of flour can remove iron may be present in the end, magnetized water can prevent boiler scale, the magnetization seeds can improve crop production to a certain extent.
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