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Rare earth permanent magnet again witness a major role

      Recently relating Long March III B rocket successfully launched the news, a sensation around the world. The most exciting thing dilute Mongolia Baotou Steel Rare Earth Magnetic hospital companies, the development of samarium cobalt permanent magnet radiation ring is an improved Long March III B rocket control platform Important components gyroscope below and share recent media reports.
      December 2, Chang E III successfully launched, and in the commitment of the Long March III B rocket carrier, once again using the hospital Mongolia Baotou Steel Rare Earth dilute magnetic rare earth permanent magnet industry, the company developed the device, which is also the company's eleventh Flying times to help the motherland aerospace dream.
      Mongolia dilute magnetic Company general manager Yang Jiayong home to watch the launch live live, excitement beyond words. In an interview with reporters, said, long ago, when he learned that the "Long March III B rocket will be used again Mongolia dilute magnetic industry developed samarium cobalt permanent magnet radiation ring" message, all company employees has been immersed in immense joy and not yet Among glory. According to reports, from Shenzhou I to Shenzhou No. 10, from the Chang-e One to Three Chang E on each launch of the carrier rocket are used in diluted magnetic rare earth permanent magnet devices Mongolian industry. RE SmCo permanent radiation ring is an improved Long March III B rocket gyroscopes control the important parts of the platform, adjust the Rockets played an important role in the predetermined direction accurately enter orbit, general appearance of the device inside the Baotou Rare Earth contains countless people wisdom.
      Yangjia Yong also said that the rapid development of China's aerospace industry, bringing together many of the leading edge of new technology. As participants in the realization of China's lunar dream, Baotou Steel Rare Earth people have followed the trend of technological development, continue to provide more intelligence support to China's space dreams.
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