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NdFeB magnets trend for future development

NdFeB rare earth magnet through the effective control of these two years, the price has stabilized, rational exploitation of rare earth minerals and effective control, rare earth magnet raw material production to gradually stabilize, the market in terms of stable prices of raw materials, then, NdFeB magnet product price is relatively stable, are now the Internet age, the price of the product is very transparent, when we are the same product quality, product price also naturally transparent, just put a product on the web offer, the price advantage is obvious, Therefore, product competitiveness by product, product competition by quality.
In the face of harsh competition in the market, the price of NdFeB magnets can easily dwarfs the market in the form of these two years is not good, the development of magnet products to a white-hot stage, various manufacturers face the harsh production environment, had to be the bottom of the price war, due to the limited production capacity of these manufacturers, only belongs to simple product processing methods, without its own special product advantages, since a business to survive, the only way is to take advantage of the price with the service to maintain a factory to survive, compete for orders. Conversely, if these manufacturers fundamentally solve their own problems, to break its own technical problems, break through their own problems from product quality advantages, the anti-passive to active, when its own products and quality advantages, the enterprise itself gained the initiative right, in the face of customers, businesses have enough right to speak, not only to avoid price competition on the product, but also to firmly grasp customer demand for products, long-term cooperation and development.
Throughout the course of development of each enterprise, all based on technology-driven products to products to capture the market, to market to promote the development of enterprises, so that when a company started a price war, rather than a breakthrough product technology for the development of the time, Well, the development of enterprises will not see hope, because the market is cruel, competition is a reality, the low-end products and eventually unable to meet market needs and face elimination, enterprises should develop, the product to be updated, technology must continue breakthrough, to meet market demand, to meet customer demand, companies must break through technological breakthroughs existing mode of production.

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