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Shaped magnet production and processing methods

       If the non-magnet professionals, generally seen as a circular or square magnet, which belong to the common types of magnets and magnet is shaped generally irregularly shaped magnet with the industry's most common for male magnet block circular has.
      Perhaps some friends on the misconception that the magnet products and hardware products, it is not true, hardware products can be turning, milling, grinding, planing, etc. processing, product confined to the magnet and grinding, because the magnet is hard and brittle physical properties, cars, milling, planing, and other processing methods are magnet itself will cause damage, however, the magnet products and metal products as well as one thing in common, magnet products can also be perforated, NdFeB magnets magnetic tile commonly used in brushless On motors, in what we call the motor, mainly brushless motor and an AC servo motor, and with tile-based, because the current sintered NdFeB are unidirectionally oriented based, that only one direction of the magnetic member charge magnetic, so the magnet can not be made for two or more poles magnetized. Now developed sintered NdFeB spoke to the orientation, you can do it. The difference is the different orientation direction when pressed, but spoke to mold a more complex product, the magnetic member to have mold fee. Sintered NdFeB magnet spoke to the orientation will be applied first in the brushless motor and AC servo motor, which is composed of both the price of the decision. Adopt spoke to orientation, even for magnetic tile is also very helpful, magnetizing waveform after it is close to a rectangular wave, rather than saddle.
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