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What are the conditions have magnet suspension

         This world, only you can not think of the product, no not make the product. Magnetic rods suspended in a magnetic field, the material is NdFeB permanent ferrite magnets or can be, the purpose, as long as the suspension of the effect can be achieved, this seemingly simple product, actually contains many magnetic aspects of professional knowledge, and do not see how this suspension device, you need a magnet suspension to discuss what the conditions are ripe.
         If you want to magnet suspension, first you need to have some strong magnetic field, while the permanent magnet magnetic field is limited, in order to increase the magnetic force would need outside help, the electromagnet is a good choice when you increase the coil, the magnetic force will increases with the increase of the coil, the magnetic size is only one factor, the weight of the magnet itself is also very important, and the weight of the magnet and the magnetic force related to the size, only in the constant testing process to test.
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