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Dongguan NdFeB magnets need to use the environment

    In our lives is a lot of kinds of magnets, which also play a great role in our use. Careful people will find a lot of these for use in our lives, not look at these tiny magnets, but these are for our use can bring a lot of help. Dongguan NdFeB magnets are in use in our particular environment requires the use of these is a luxurious, we now look at the Dongguan NdFeB magnets required environment.

      Dongguan NdFeB magnets environment is divided into the working environment and the indoor environment, these are distinguishable. First, we must pay attention to ensure that NdFeB magnets around Dongguan NdFeB magnets are used in a very good environment, now on the market still has great potential for development, and is widely used. When the magnet is the most exquisite work is neat, clean, because they can not local NdFeB magnets under normal working environment is relatively poor. Because it is for those of iron or microparticles or less able to absorb things, if poor working conditions, a magnet can easily lose magnetism, eventually leading to shortened service life, so to keep clean working environment Dongguan NdFeB magnets are most important. Then is an indoor environment, and this is another important point. Save NdFeB magnets in the overall situation should pay attention to indoor environment, ensure the indoor air circulation, can not choose humid places for storage, be sure to choose a dry environment. NdFeB magnets have not only the requirements of the work environment, indoor environment is also a requirement. Temperature of the indoor environment, but can not exceed the operating temperature of the magnets, for those who have not been plated products can be properly oiled, which play a rust. When the magnet must be separately stored sensitive magnet. And storage environment to meet the standards.

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