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Ferrite magnets are not rust magnet

With the high-tech industry PRD continuous technical reform and demands for improvement, especially in the past two years, digital electronic products (such as smart phones, smart watches, IPAD,) and brushless saving and environmental protection industry, part of the warranty period of a new product promotion. So the new production technology after another, prompting the industry to high-end. So ferrite magnet is present, these high-end electronics, electrical products and customers an indispensable part, because it does not rust, oxidation, corrosion and absolute environmental protection.
      Why will not rust ferrite magnets?
      Ferrite magnet is the chemical name for iron oxide is the main component:. Fe3O4 iron oxide already, so in order to then be oxidized, it is very difficult for the.
      While the other magnet (main ingredient is iron), is magnetized iron or other metal manufacturing has always been no, it, like other iron and steel, can be oxidized to rust, partially oxidized magnetic disappear.
      Choose ferrite magnets there are a few advantages:
      1. Low cost, low price. Low cost of raw materials, the manufacturing process is simple
      2. good temperature stability it can be used at a temperature of -40 degrees C and +350 degrees Celsius.
      3. is just mentioned does not rust.
      Is now widely used in the electro-acoustic, electrical, electronics, toys, and other major industries.
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