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A major breakthrough in magnetic refrigerator

    Recently Baotou Rare Earth Research Institute, deputy chief engineer, said, used in refrigerators, air-conditioning on the development of rare-earth magnetic refrigerator has made great progress, there are around Baotou Rare Earth Research Institute research project of Haier Group, has completed two prototype production, we are producing the first Three prototypes, US Academy of Engineering Carl Costa Ned (Karl A.Gschneidner, Jr) magnetic refrigerator professor is expected to reach 2016 1000 September 26, 2013 at Northeastern University academic report at the meeting, and will enter market.
    According to the deputy chief engineer, said the Haier Group in 2007 began with the Baotou Rare Earth Research Institute in contact, and set up a magnetic refrigeration division in 2011, on the Baotou Rare Earth Research Institute invested a considerable amount of research funding for magnetic refrigerator study, currently Progressing well. "Haier accession will further accelerate the process of magnetic refrigerator into the market," he said.
    It is reported that Baotou Rare Earth Research Institute current prototype made NdFeB amount of about 4KG, the deputy chief engineer, said ensure the use of both performance and price from the standpoint of cost, each NdFeB magnetic refrigerator consumes more appropriate 2-5KG ??? At present China's annual output air conditioners, refrigerators approximately 100 million units, even if the initial magnetic refrigerator running only 1% of the market share, the annual output can reach 100 million units, the estimated annual consumption of about 2000 tons NdFeB -5000 tons , coupled with the foreign market demand, production of magnetic refrigerator demand for NdFeB Magnets will be very considerable.
    The vice president of engineering, said the current foreign countries are actively researching magnetic refrigerator, BASF, Samsung and other companies have made some achievements, the industry agreed that 2016 production will be high probability event. A rare earth permanent magnet analysts said that China currently supplies 80-90 percent of the annual global demand NdFeB, magnetic refrigerator once mass production, would be positive for our country NdFeB industry.
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