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NdFeB magnets illegal exploitation of rare earth resources and means of smuggling

    Dongguan NdFeB magnet industry faced the most severe winter, rampant exploitation of rare earth resources, many resources are wasted and even the flow of smuggled abroad, in order to protect the precious and rare strategic mineral resources, since 2007 China began to NdFeB magnets RE production under the mandatory plan, and begin to implement restrictions on rare earth exports, after 2009 rare earth export-intensive countries and national production control, especially in 2011, rare earth prices soaring NdFeB magnets, rare earth smuggling problem began repeated, become a major problem for the rare earth industry regulation.
    In recent years, global consumption of rare earth NdFeB magnets beat steady growth, China's export quota reduction, such as about 50,100 tons in 2009, dropped to 30,200 tons in 2010, compared with 24,000 tons in 2011. But what is strange is that in 2011 exports of rare earths actually remaining 40% of the quota. At the same time, foreign did not appear rare situation of shortage, and rare earth NdFeB magnets prices also showed a downward trend, this abnormal phenomenon is indicative of rare earths smuggling "a big help" in the underground fronts. Separate data more shocking, a staff member said the Chinese Rare Earth Society, had learned from friends in the industry, China's rare earth smuggling to the United States last year, serious, NdFeB rare earth magnet that year the United States imports Chinese statistics are customs statistics of China Rare Earth five times the export volume.
    So, these rare earth NdFeB magnets exactly how in the country "thorough investigation of sticking," out of the country under it? It is reported that there are four main methods of smuggling of rare earth five most commonly used is a fuss in the product names, such as the rare earth content of products declared as low-tech product, or to export iron alloy, mailing samples and other items to avoid regulation. Second, find the policy loophole fuss. Some foreign-funded enterprises in China's rare earth deep-processing products often contain an excess of rare earth elements, will be re-extracted in a foreign country after the deep processing of rare earth export of rare earth elements, in order to avoid the rare earth export controls. Other methods include physical traits similar items of export products, in the name to make a fuss and so classified. Customs cargo traffic every day is relatively large, it is impossible to achieve full investigation, enterprises have used the above method is very easy to spot-drilled holes, muddle through.
    In 2010, with a quota of rare earth export enterprises NdFeB magnets only 33 national regulations, but the company has finally found a rare outlet there 80, of which more than 40 are basically the substitution of names, company or commodity Some even rare earth mixed with other cheap goods in illegal exports. In addition, there are also people in the industry do not want to be named, claimed that many small businesses are constantly renovated smuggling means, including ore by container smuggled into Hong Kong or Taiwan from Fujian transferred transit, eventually flows to Japan, Vietnam and other places were separated smelting.
    Taomin Min admitted that in the fight against the illegal exploitation of smuggling, the government indeed made a big effort, but the results have been poor. Because many NdFeB rare earth magnet is very small scale enterprises, and some factory only a dozen people, and even a few mouthfuls of a person self-built factory sales of rare earth mining, law enforcement personnel, and almost could not find the person in charge. Moreover, Jiangxi Province in the south, especially in parts of the mountains are everywhere rare earth mine, mine local farmers directly, as part of NdFeB rare earth mine in the distance, geographic isolation, causing great difficulties to regulators.
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