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Application of NdFeB permanent magnet materials

    Rare earth functional materials industry mainly in the high-performance NdFeB permanent magnet materials based, high-performance NdFeB products are mainly used in environmental protection, new energy and energy-saving high-end application market, such as EPS, new energy automobiles.
    With the auto industry technology innovation and human demand for energy saving, low power, low noise, less exhaust gas electric or hybrid vehicles become everyone goal. Bonded NdFeB magnets with magnetic properties, small size, high efficiency advantages, the use of NdFeB magnets 8-50% higher motor efficiency than ordinary motor, power consumption reduced by more than 10%, the volume and weight can be reduced by 30% the above. Realization cars to small, lightweight, high performance and energy saving direction.
    In addition, bonded NdFeB magnets are mainly used in high-end car micro motors and sensors, each in high-end, luxury cars use micro motor from 50 to 80, some even up to more than 100 units, the average of at least 60 or more. Such as car seat motor, window motor, wiper motor, EPS power steering sensor, car or car CD hard disk, with the car to comfort, energy conservation, development of automation, motor vehicles used in the NdFeB magnet will increase。
    In addition to automotive, the hard disk drive utilization amount of bonded NdFeB is also high. The world has entered the information age, improvement and development of magnetic storage technology and the hard disk drive technology, will bring the development of large data storage industry, the global hard drive demand will remain stable. And the development of cloud computing for massive data computers, mass storage, massive management have higher requirements. Hard disk as the magnetic storage technology major media, is one of the way to preserve important data, bound with the development of cloud computing and development, which will give the company a hard disk with bonded NdFeB magnets bring larger market.
    Moreover, the emergence of ultra-thin hard disk drive is bonded NdFeB magnets has brought new opportunities. To counter the impact of SSDs, the world's biggest hard drive manufacturers have plans to develop ultra-thin hard disk, in order to meet the growing popularity of the tablet PC market demand, the development of ultra-thin hard disk hard disk magnet will bring new development opportunities.
    2011 by the state of rare earth industry consolidation impact of relevant policies, rare earth price fluctuations, to rare earth permanent magnet manufacturers and downstream customers had an impact on production and operation, part of the development of new fields of application because of cost reasons, pause; but with gradually advancing and supporting measures to implement some of these policies will further regulate rare earth mining, separation and distribution and other aspects of management, the rare earth price fluctuations reduced, the downstream market demand is expected to stabilize rebound, rare earth permanent magnets will be more energy-saving and environmental protection field of application.
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