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Bacteria can become magnets battery power

    This is really shocking. The study found that bacterial growth in the fine particles of natural magnet above. These bacteria are a mixed community, to "swallow" and "breathing" from the metal electrons. In recent years, generation of bacteria has become a hot topic. Scientists have discovered that some of the global seabed and riverbed bacteria found in tiny metal particles obtained from electron. By the bacteria "donate" electrons, iron particles as an effective energy source for cells. Other types of bacteria effectively breathe through the excess electron electronic "delivery" to the metal particles.
    Magnetite crystals like to play a role as a rechargeable battery.
    Today, from the University of Tubingen in Germany James Byrne and his colleagues found that a common magnetic mineral - tiny magnetite grains can simultaneously act as an electron acceptor and an electron donor, thereby effectively work like a battery ??? He made the earth and red genus Pseudomonas bacteria growing community consisting of a magnet above, then the genus can be found in electronic "delivery" to the crystal, while the red Pseudomonas get electrons from the crystal.
    Byrne said that in the natural environment, both day and night cycle in accordance with the reaction may or ebb periods occur each bacterium is active at different points in time this cycle. He also said that the bacterial community, the magnetite crystals like a natural role as rechargeable batteries: from the ground spp charging, red Pseudomonas power.
    From the University of Aarhus, Denmark, Lars Peter Nielsen, he said the discovery is exciting and provides complete information about the earth microbiology magnet as a mineral with multiple roles. Depending on the needs of the bacteria, a magnet can be used as a conductor, but also can be an electronic "storage tank" and the source.


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