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2014 brushless motor trends, the permanent powerful magnet and future market direction

    Brushless electric motors with permanent magnet strong magnet, after two consecutive years of sluggish development, in 2014 the market outlook will be, everything is unknown, the relationship between the permanent magnet and brushless motor powerful motor like a person, the permanent powerful magnet like a person's heart, brushless motor drive like a man's nerves, controls the entire operation of the brushless electric motors, so the structure of the brushless motor from the motor, the important part is that the permanent powerful magnet and the drive controller.
    Most motor manufacturer NdFeB magnets are used to make magnets and the motor magnet motor. NdFeB magnet motor magnet permanent magnet motors do small size, light weight, torque - inertia ratio is high, the servo system response, high power and speed / weight ratio, high starting torque, save electricity. Few motor manufacturers will use samarium cobalt magnets and permanent ferrite magnet motors do. Magnet motor magnet motor and shape Most tile, ring or trapezoid, can be used for different motor motors, such as permanent magnet motors, AC motors, DC motors, linear motors, brushless motor.
    People often use magnets to drive the attractive and repulsive forces, usually choose radial symmetry tile magnetized ring magnet to spell, sintered NdFeB anisotropic material, can not be made into a molding customers want slightly complex magnetization direction. Currently, there are manufacturers can also do the radiation type magnetized sintered NdFeB magnets, but there are many restrictions on the size of the grades, but also extremely unstable magnetic properties, consistency is very bad, there is mold coil and magnetizing fixture are very expensive, so very few manufacturers will choose it.
    Currently, no round is domestic or foreign, demand for electrical motors are very large magnet, the magnet is the core component in the micro-motor, small motor and large generators, many have adopted NdFeB. NdFeB permanent magnet motor is not energized coil and the core, in order to achieve the same air-gap magnetic field, magnetic field pole magnet volume than the original position occupied by small, no loss no heat. Therefore, to get the same output characteristics, the volume of the machine, can reduce a lot of weight; or the same size, weight, output power can be increased a lot.
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