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2014 rare earth permanent magnet will go from here

      NdFeB magnets crazy first half of 2011
      Who would have thought in 2011, "a soil hard to find," "a daily price" rare earth market, so fast to turn down the. After August 2011, the rapid decline in the price of rare earth, despite a slight rebound several times during, but the overall trend of lower volatility continues today.
      First quarter of 2012, the overall price of rare earth in rapid decline, late March, rare earth prices generally stabilized stage, after a slight rebound platform consolidation; June earth prices fell again Powei; in July, the state of the heavy rare earth yield of product implementation Chu, the objective of rare earth products prices slowed the trend.
      But by the economic downturn and weak downstream demand, as well as Sino-Japanese tensions and other factors, after the end of September, in particular 10 months early, rare earth prices fell further and showed structural differentiation trend, lanthanum oxide, cerium and other varieties continue to fall oxide, praseodymium, neodymium, terbium, dysprosium and other varieties to limit production in the large rare earth companies, production, public listing and the acquisition of secondary purchasing and storage expectations and other countries under the influence, the steady rise since November; after mid-December, to re-enter earth prices downtrend channel at the end of the main varieties of annual basic price. Currently, according to the compliance of the separation of enterprises to enter the industry loss.
     "Our most taboo is the price high and low volatility, which is long-term development of upstream and downstream businesses no good," Deputy Secretary-General Zhang Anwen Chinese Rare Earth Society told the "excellence" reporter, rare earth raw material prices irrational ups and downs of our country and even the development of the downstream industries such as wind power, energy-saving motors, energy saving lamps, white goods and other areas of rare earth new materials have had a serious impact "on the downstream business is symbiotic relationship, maintain reasonable prices of raw materials in order to achieve the rare earth resources development , production and end-use industry chain win-win. "
      Rare earth products from price changes in 2012, the annual average price fell by about 40%. "Excellence" reporter Wikipedia information obtained data show that last year, dysprosium, terbium oxide market decline of 40%, 46.6%; two years, praseodymium, neodymium, lanthanum oxide and cerium oxide market price declines of 48.8% , 32.5% and 36.33%.
      In fact, the face of the rare earth prices have been falling, the Baotou Rare Earth has tried to shut down to protect the price. Aluminum, the color, Minmetals and other central enterprises and Jiangsu, Jiangxi, Guangdong and other places rare earth companies have taken similar measures. However, production and protect the price was not as expected to boost prices rise, the overall downturn in the domestic and external demand environment, periodic behavior of enterprises have been unable to change the overall situation.
      Colored Wikipedia information analyst Du handsome soldier told the "excellence" reporter, enter speculative capital directly boosting the prices. And after the withdrawal of hot money, the rare earth market funds face no support is also difficult to maintain high price from the fundamentals, "illegal production and smuggling of existence, and the construction of overseas production capacity, also depressed the price of rare earth."
      Recently, the reports quoted results of pre-reduction of Xiamen Tungsten (600549.SH) said its 2012 attributable to shareholders of listed companies net profit of 520 million yuan, down 48.71 percent; as a representative of Southern Rare Earth, Rising colored ( 600259.SH), followed by a decline in net profit reached 60% -80%; northern rare earth giant last played, the decline in net profit is still difficult to break the dilemma. January 30, Baotou Steel Rare Earth (600111.SH) notice issued performance, said the company expects net profit fell 50% -60%. Baotou Steel Rare Earth secretaries Zhang Rixin explained that the company's raw material procurement costs have risen, all kinds of rare earth products prices dropped sharply, down market volume, making 2012 performance decline.
      Not only upstream, rare earth market downturn, but also seriously affected the performance of the downstream business. In the past year, the rare earth permanent magnet plate in the Galaxy (300127.SZ), a positive sea Magnets (300224.SZ), Branch constant shares (300340.SZ) and other enterprise performance neither ever.
      As of today, Ningbo and the PRD after the production processing, manufacturers are struggling to die, and some even closed factories, into other industries. The next 2014 if the market demand is still shrinking as 2013, will be more rare earth permanent magnet production plant manufacturers unable to cope. 2014 rare earth permanent magnet industry go from here, you prepare it?
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