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China Rare Earth stocks decreased rapidly reasons

       China Rare Earth stocks decreased rapidly due mainly divided into three parts: 1. management control. 2.overcapacity。3.lack of high-end industrial chain。

       Behind Ganzhou Rare Earth integration, it means that the state, after following the special system before the action, once again increase the remediation efforts for the rare earth industry. China's rare earth reserves account for 71.1 percent of the world once, but in 2012 the State Council Information Office published "China's rare earth Conditions and Policies" white paper shows that China's rare earth reserves account for about 23 percent of the world's total reserves. From 71.1 percent to 23 percent, reflecting not only the domestic rare earth production industry chaos and disorder, at the same time, there are the rare earth industry chain, the lack of a rear end. How to make rare earth separation and healthy development of downstream industries, it continues to be a thought-provoking question.

       Management control
       In 1998, the Chinese government launched a rare earth export quota license system, and the rare earth materials included in the processing trade ban catalog. 2006, China implemented the total rare earth mining control management. In 2008, the state issued the "National Mineral Resource Planning", planning to implement regulation on the protection of specific minerals such as rare earth mining, mining restrictions, strict access and utilization. However, a range of policies, and still can not stop the domestic rare earth production industry chaos. Data show that the annual disguised export and smuggling of rare earth about 20,000 to 30,000 tons. According to the relevant person in charge of the Ministry of Industry introduced, foreign customs statistics, imports in 2011 the amount of rare earths from China, higher than the export volume of 1.2 times the customs statistics. Baotou rare earth materials for a responsible person to the "Science in China Daily" reporters, a large number of undocumented, cheap products flooding the market of rare earth, rare earth market disrupted normal trade order, seriously affect the survival of informal enterprises, and even a threat to the rare earth industry Safety. Why is it so rare earth industry confusion? China Rare Earth Industry Association expert who asked not to be named to the "Science in China Daily" reports, the key lies in the poor management of rare earth mineral development, "say farmers can easily mined Why? Why some officials are also involved in mining? Ultimately, whether the relevant departments according to the management of rare earth production is the key. " Deputy Secretary General of China Rare Earth Industry Association 陈占恒 to "Science in China" reporter stressed that the illegal exploitation of rare earth industry over the years, production, export, there has been a chain of black interests.
       Due to loss of control brought about rare earth industry overcapacity, has caused far-reaching impact on the downstream industry.陈占恒 said rare earth separating enterprises current national production capacity of 30 million tons, while demand is only between 120,000 to 15 million tons, of which the international market demand is about 30,000 to 50,000 tons, domestic market demand in the 70000 ~ 8 tons. Furthermore, since the state regulation caused rare-earth prices, but also to its downstream industry has caused tremendous pressure. Permanent magnet material, for example, costs have risen sharply rare earth permanent magnet generator so that a sharp decline in the competitiveness of enterprises. "This led producers to use one hand to reduce the amount of permanent magnet, only to meet the minimum requirements of basic performance, on the other hand to reduce production or even stop the production of permanent magnet motor to avoid losses." Chinese Academy of Engineering Gu Guobiao "Science China Press "the reporter said. "Development of permanent magnet wind turbine gives us the following topics:?? Upstream and downstream users how to promote the mutual development of new technologies and products who will coordinate, how to improve the industrial structure," Gu Guobiao that "for such a situation, the relevant departments should accelerate the establishment of coordination mechanisms rare-earth prices, upstream and downstream collaborative innovation, to ensure orderly development of the industry, so Conditioning positive benefit of the public at home. "
       The lack of high-end industrial chain
       In a number of experts, to solve the problem of excess production capacity of rare earth, the key is to accelerate the upgrading of rare earth downstream processing industry, through research and development, to build high value-added industry chain backend. Chen Zhanheng introduced in the field of rare earth new materials, domestic technology is not worse than abroad. Production of new materials, in addition to the catalytic material production accounts for only 20% to 30% outside, China's production of permanent magnetic, luminescent materials, hydrogen storage materials, polishing materials, etc. are the first, "The current China's rare earth consumption accounted for 70% of total production about. " "But we are poor and where? In addition many technology subject to foreign intellectual property rights, we are good or rare earth functional materials production, which is the primary product, but these materials have made the final product parts, reprocessing technology urgent need to strengthen policy guidance. "Chen Zhanheng said. Ministry of Industry Research Institute CCID director 袁开洪 raw materials also told reporters that at present China's rare earth industry, lack of high-end technology and equipment research and development, to be the next step in the development focus on solving. Chen Zhanheng that from resource development, mining mineral processing, separation, production of new materials, production of spare parts, and ultimately the formation of civilian products or industrial equipment industry chain terminal is concerned, the country has a high added value in the back-end industry chain is very lacking. "Not just a technical issue, but also some fine processing equipment, product design, process control gap, we still far from the real high-end manufacturing, which need to be addressed." "Only high-end industrial chain to develop, our rare earth industry will get better development, valuable rare earth resources in order to realize its value. "Chen Zhanheng finally said.
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