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KARUIQI share with you the basic knowledge about magnets

KARUIQI share with you the basic knowledge about magnets

The ancient Greeks and Chinese people find nature a kind of natural magnetization of stone, called "magnet." This stone can magically pick up small pieces of iron sheet, and after swinging freely always point in the same direction. Early sailors put this magnet as its earliest compass to identify the direction of the sea. After thousands of years of development, today has become a magnet strong material in our lives. By alloy synthesis of different materials to achieve the same effect with the magnet, but also can improve the magnetic force. In the 18th century there have been man-made magnets, but the manufacturing process is very stronger magnetic slowly until the 1920s to produce aluminum-nickel-cobalt (Alnico). Subsequently, the 1950s produced the ferrite (Ferrite), 70 years of manufacture rare earth magnets [Rare Earth magnet includes neodymium (NdFeB) and samarium cobalt (SmCo)]. Thus, magnetic science and technology has been rapid development of magnetic materials also makes the device more compact.

What is the magnetization (orientation) direction?

Most of the magnetic material can be magnetized to saturation in the same direction, this direction is called "a magnetization direction" (direction of orientation). No orientation direction of magnetic magnet (also called isotropic magnet) magnet orientation ratio (also called anisotropic magnet) is much weaker.

What is the standard of "poles" industry definition?

The definition of "Arctic" is freely rotating magnet after it's pointing to the Earth's North Pole Arctic. Similarly, also pointing to the earth magnet Antarctic South Pole. In the absence of labels how to identify magnet Arctic?
Obviously just by eye is unable to distinguish. You can use the compass close to a magnet, a pointer pointing to the North Pole will point to the Earth's south pole magnets.

How safe handling and storage of magnets?
Always be very careful because the magnets will own adsorbed together, you may pinch your fingers. There also may be damaged due to collision magnet itself (knocked knocked corners or cracks) when magnets each other. The magnets away easily magnetized items such as floppy disks, credit cards, computer monitors, watches, mobile phones and medical equipment. Magnet away from the pacemaker.
Larger size of the magnet, should be added between each piece of plastic or cardboard shims to ensure that the magnets can be easily separated. Magnets should be stored in a dry, constant temperature environment.

How do magnetic isolation?
Only can be adsorbed into the material in order to cut off the magnet on the play the role of the magnetic field, and the thicker the material, the better the magnetic separator. What is the strongest magnet?
The highest performance magnets are rare earth magnets, and NdFeB rare earth magnet is the most powerful magnets. But in an environment of more than 200 degrees Celsius, it is the most powerful samarium cobalt magnets.

How to define the performance of the magnet?
Mainly has the following three performance parameters to determine the performance of the magnet: remanence Br: permanent magnet technology magnetized to saturation, and after removing the external magnetic field, called the retained residual magnetic flux density Br.
Coercive force Hc: to technical saturation magnetization of the permanent magnet B is reduced to zero, the need to add a reverse magnetic field strength is called magnetic induction coercive force, referred to as the coercive force
BH BH: represents the magnetic energy density of the magnet gap space (two-pole magnet space) established that the static magnetic energy per unit volume of the air gap. As this energy is equal to the product of the magnet Bm and Hm, so called energy product.
Magnetic field: magnetic effect on the magnetic poles of the magnetic field is the magnetic field space surface: magnetic induction permanent magnet surface to a specified location and strong

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