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What Ka Ruiqi magnet magnetic tell your concept?

For you know how much the concept of magnetism. Ka Ruiqi magnet, said magnetic everybody knows, a lot of people think that magnets have magnetic properties, in fact, is very one-sided, for any magnet, it is magnetic, and the magnetic properties are common.

The magnetic substance inside the atomic magnetic moment, in the absence of an external magnetic field effect, arranged in accordance with a direction of each small area, is saturated to form a spontaneous magnetic moment together. These small regions called magnetic domains. The magnetic substance is divided into a number of magnetic domains, the magnetic domains of the magnetic moments from each of the different directions, the magnetic effects cancel each other, does not exhibit macroscopic magnetic. If the magnetic material in an external magnetic field, under the effect of external magnetic field, so that has a high degree of spontaneous magnetization of the magnetic domains of the magnetic moment of the many changes of direction from their different direction of the external magnetic field, the material exhibits a strong magnetic. This is the process of magnetization of the magnetic substance. When magnetic substance magnetically saturated, the magnetic domains of different directions of magnetic moments of all the original to completely change the direction of the external magnetic field; after removal of the external magnetic field, the magnetic moment of the magnetic domains of the magnetic anisotropy effect, the directions of magnetic moments are not Back before their magnetization direction, it is still a component in the magnetic field direction, showing a strong and stable magnetic properties, which is residual magnetism.

Learn magnetic, you the nature of the substance contained Ka Ruiqi magnet will understand it, this article provided by KARUIQI magnets.

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