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What is the material of the motor motor?

       At present, the main use of the main use of neodymium iron boron magnets, there are sintered magnets and bonded magnets. With neodymium iron boron magnet to do motor magnet of permanent magnet motor with small size, light weight, torque inertia ratio, servo system response, power and speed / weight ratio, high starting torque, save electricity.
       Motor magnet shape mostly tile type, ring or a trapezoid, for different motors, such as permanent magnet motor, AC motor, DC motor, linear motor, no brush motor etc.. People usually use the attractiveness of the motor and the motor magnets and repulsive force to drive, usually choose radial magnetizing type tile motor magnets to spell ring, because the sintered neodymium iron boron is anisotropic materials, complex magnetization direction is made more difficult. At present, there are sintered neodymium iron boron magnet motor radial magnetizing products, but to size grades have many restrictions, and that the magnetic energy is very unstable, consistency is not good, also die coil and the magnetizing fixture are very expensive.
       At present, motor magnet, the demand is very large, the magnet is the core components, in micro motor, micro motor and large generator can using neodymium iron boron permanent magnetic material.
       Special purpose also uses SmCo motor magnet, low-end products using ferrite magnet motor.
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