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High corrosion resistance low weight loss product

        Because NdFeB neodymium iron base and rich equally poor corrosion resistance, generally required in order to use after plating. However, with the expansion of the elevator, the use of wind power and other fields of permanent magnet motor, the user NdFeB made a higher corrosion resistance requirements, because not electroplating products compared to electroplating products and fittings glue adhesion better than many The motor of the use of security has also been a corresponding increase, now we have a large number of customers began to use part no plating NdFeB products, for this situation of the company through continuous innovation, developed the neodymium iron with ultra-low weightlessness boron products (weight loss test data unit is the number of milligrams per square centimeter to lose weight), NdFeB industry data in general weight loss 150mg / cm2 or more, depending on the material formulation, there is a large difference in the production process of different conditions, data, Our data weightlessness some products have reached the HAST requires 168 hours at 1mg / cm2 or less; because of low weight loss characteristics, and therefore good corrosion resistance, product reliability and service life have reached a substantial upgrade, you can end the use of permanent magnet motors and other fields to meet the stringent requirements for corrosion resistance, mainly used in military aerospace, industrial motors and other fields elevator, radar, wind generators. Note: There are two major weight loss test standards - American and European standards U.S. Requirements: PCT test: 2atm (atm) 95% RH (humidity) 121 ℃, 96 hours and requires a weight loss of 5 ~ 10mg / cm2 or less; European requirements: HAST Test: 3atm (atmospheric pressure) 95% RH (humidity) 130 ℃, 168 hours and requires a weight loss of 2 ~ 5mg / cm2 or less; various grades of NdFeB products weightlessness data are not nearly the same, as can consult our professional engineers.
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