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Identification of the appearance quality of galvanized products

Identification of the appearance quality of galvanized products
It is important to measure the quality of the galvanized layer, but it is very simple. Usually the surface of the galvanized layer is complete and firm, and the thickness of the coating with the coating thickness can be.
Appearance of zinc coating:
The galvanized layer of the general workpiece is smooth and complete, but can not be compared with some of the surface of the galvanized steel sheet or steel wire,
Because it is controlled by special thickness. The luster of the zinc coating and the color or the appearance of the zinc flower can not affect the ability of the anti - corrosion.
The difference and quality of the coating:
The difference of the coating and the quality of the relationship are as follows:
1 gray coating
2 rust stain
3 abscess
4 rough coating
5 lumps and running water marks
6 acne
7 bare spots
8 white spot
9 black spots / net / stain agent
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