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Identification of the appearance quality of galvanized products

Identification of the appearance quality of galvanized products
It is important to measure the quality of the galvanized layer, but it is very simple. Usually the surface of the galvanized layer is complete and firm, and the thickness of the coating with the coating thickness can be.
Appearance of zinc coating:
The galvanized layer of the general workpiece is smooth and complete without defect, but can not be compared with some of the surface of the galvanized steel sheet or steel wire, because it is controlled by special thickness. The luster of the zinc coating and the color or the appearance of the zinc flower can not affect the ability of the anti - corrosion.
The difference and quality of the coating:
The difference of the coating and the quality of the relationship are as follows:
1 gray coating
2 rust stain
3 abscess
4 rough coating
5 lumps and running water marks
6 acne
7 bare spots
8 white spot
9 black spots / net / sticky ash stain agent
1 gray coating:
General evaluation: acceptance
Grey appearance is due to zinc iron alloy layer extends to the coating surface caused by. Is usually due to here iron and steel parts with higher silicon content, resulting in steel and hot melt zinc meet, exacerbated by the mutual diffusion and permeation, i.e., accelerate the Zn Fe alloy coating layer growth and growth in the process of hot plating. Therefore, the general gray surface of the coating is also more bright, so as to have a more durable character.
2 rust stain:
General evaluation: acceptable
Common galvanized workpiece iron waste, is due to the workpiece contact the other students show iron or stained with iron show a drop down Xiushui caused. Workpiece before it is sent to the galvanized, remove all of the iron (commonly known as "Phi peak"), can also prevent the galvanized in premises luxury erosion of the possibility of the
Because iron easily in the dip after dressing zinc drops off the emergence of the bare iron body. The combination of iron and steel parts, if during phase to produce the gap, in the hot dip, due to capillary action while staying exist inside the pickling liquid from the spill, resulting in wrapped even the nearly all cannot enter plating. Future life show, dyeing silk in the vicinity of the coating, this situation, designers of the workpiece can refer to the (overlapping) modified the design to avoid. In addition, some due to Zn Fe alloy layer has light brown thorn is galvanized factory can't control, but the zinc layer to resist erosion is had no effect. In the long run, it can be seen as the same as the ordinary zinc plating layer.
3 abscess:
General evaluation: if the pus is very thin, you can accept.
The thin layer on the zinc plating layer is due to the iron absorption of oxygen after acid pickling, in the case of hot dip galvanized. The effect of the coating on the corrosion resistance of the coating is not affected.
4 rough zinc layer:
General evaluation: can accept, unless something is the first requirement.
Rough zinc film is due to the Zn Fe alloy due to unbalanced growth, because the steel of various components and distribution of iron surface smoothing are all not the same. Too rough surface sometimes does not meet the criteria, but if the designer has a pre request, but the first consultation with the views of the experts br>, the use of some ingredients uniform and smooth surface of the material.
5 lumps and running water marks:
General evaluation: can accept, unless something is the first requirement.
According to the Australian 1650 zinc plating standards are: coating must be smooth, but pointed out that this is a certain definition of a certain condition: this does not work with some of the specialist products, such as: galvanized sheet, galvanized pipe and galvanized iron wire, etc.. The reason is: manufacturing of these products, manufacturers can be specialized to choose the particular homogeneous materials and to specialized production equipment to induced on these specific products such as the thickness of the coating appearance to a high degree of control. Based on dip object shape and dimensions of the structural, excess zinc block will in some of the zinc liquid circumfluence not free to be the local accumulation, but this does not? Life reduce snow l coatings, such as designers pay special attention to galvanized parts in the process of requirements, can advance with galvanized proposed, light galvanized workpiece design tips and discuss, in particular design and processing to achieve than galvanized products generally more smooth appearance, but the requirements of course also will increase the additional cost.
6 acne:
General evaluation: dependent on the severity and is refusing to accept. Acne is from the residue, is a suspension of Zn Fe alloy particle. Corrosion resistance is equivalent to the general zinc layer. Rare and dispersed is not serious, but excessive will seriously damage the formation and appearance of the coating.
7 bare spots:
General evaluation: depending on the nature of the product, if it is only a small area and suitable for repair, it is acceptable. Because of zinc on iron has a sacrifice anti corrosion protection, not rich in 5 mm naked usually self healing cover of zinc layer has little impact if naked class appears to be due to leaching process of zinc plant shall be by leaching zinc plant responsible for repair or re processing, but in some cases is from steel: such as Zagreb steel steel surface defect in thee or non metal impurities clip in table sewing medium, and make not the naked classes for zinc, those are leaching zinc factory should bear the responsibility.
8 white spot:
General evaluation: unless a large number of spots in the factory has occurred, otherwise it is not the responsibility of the zinc plated.
As everyone knows, show: white gray spot is due to overlap, easy to damp and poor ventilation in the coating surface. So in the storage period of the galvanized workpiece and payment process (such as in shipping warehouse) most likely to form such an adverse environment, in this period, the user must provide dry, ventilation conditions, such as galvanized parts sent to the site must give cover and the workpiece and the workpiece surface and between the mesa and application of the appropriate object separated, ensure good ventilation and leave the water. In the zinc plating factory, if the large area of the coating contact is difficult to avoid and white show stains are easy to remove, the use of home is acceptable. The surface is serious, the brush speckle stains after as long as it remains the standard, coating thickness, also can accept.
9 black spots / net / sticky ash stain agent:
General evaluation: in addition to the appearance of a complete coating, can be accepted.


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