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What is Curie temperature?

What is Curie temperature?
With the increase of temperature, the magnetic properties of the magnetic material are gradually disordered, and the magnetic polarization intensity J decreases with the increase of temperature. When the temperature rises to a certain value, the magnetic properties of the material become the same as the air and other non magnetic materials, which is called the Curie temperature (Tc) of the material. Curie temperature Tc was only related to the composition of the alloy, and it has nothing to do with the morphology and distribution of the material.
The Curie temperature of the magnetic material Tc represents the theoretical working temperature limit of the material. In fact, the actual operating temperature of permanent magnet material is much lower than that of Tc.
The Curie temperature of Nd Fe B is 312 degrees C, Tc is an important parameter of magnetic material, Tc is high, the working temperature of the material can be improved, also can improve the temperature stability of magnetic materials. Plus, terbium, dysprosium cobalt can improve the Curie temperature of magnetic materials, so in the neck force products (H, SH,...) Add a Tc material to improve the dy.
It is worth noting that the Tw of any permanent magnet is not only related to the Tc of the magnet, but also with the magnetic properties of the magnet jHc, as well as the working state of the magnet in the magnetic circuit.
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